Saturday, February 27, 2010

Earthquake in Chile

As you're probably aware, Chile just experienced a major earthquake. Fortunately, it has not caused nearly as much devestation as last month's earthquake in Haiti. The Chilean government has not yet requested international aid. Still, we must take this seriously. 147 lives have already been lost, and if we do not act quickly to restore access to medical care in areas where hospitals have been damaged, many others could die. In addition, a tsunami created by the earthquake threatens nations bordering the Pacific Ocean, including many impoverished countries with vulnerable infrastructure.

Although Chile is a pro-life country, abortion groups have a history of using tragedies like this to fundraise for their agenda. If you would like to give to Chile while ensuring that your donation does not support abortion advocacy, consider Hospital Clinico de la Universidad de Chile, which is listed in Heartbeat International's directory of non-abortive pregnancy resource agencies.

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