Sunday, February 28, 2010

EMBRYO: A Defense of Human Life is joining Dr. Gerard Nadal's blog, Coming Home, in a study of EMBRYO: A Defense of Human Life, by Robert P. George and Christopher Tollefsen. The book argues for unborn human rights without resorting to religious appeals. Starting March 16, Nadal will discuss one chapter each Tuesday. Each entry will be cross-posted here. This is a great opportunity for the busy students among us (myself included) to finally read something that wasn't assigned for class!


Nulono said...

"they affirm emphatically that an embryo deserves the same moral respect as a human—an argument well-known from religious sources but to which the authors attempt to give a scientific basis.


this book provides no compelling new evidence about the moral status of the embryo to persuade readers who do not already agree with them."

I guess it's their fault for assuming you had an 8th grade education, then.

Simon said...

I haven't read their book but did read a good exchange with the authors about the book