Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The latest from Live Action

In response to Obama's announcement of a new health care reform proposal, which would contain considerable funding for abortion, Live Action has released a new video from its Mona Lisa series, showing a Wisconsin Planned Parenthood failing to report an obvious case of statutory rape. This is the tenth video in the series. As Live Action president Lila Rose puts it, "The evidence is now available for all to see that Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin ignores state laws that have been in place for years." No doubt Planned Parenthood will claim this to be yet another isolated incident. Don't believe them for a second!


Michelle Zhang said...

Lila Rose does amazng work. I'm surprised though that her face isn't like given to every PP and that she's still able to do these undercover stings. said...

Actually, her face IS plastered all over Planned Parenthood! Most of the investigations are done by others now. Of course, she still plays a large role in organizing it.