Thursday, February 25, 2010

One step forward, one step back

Our step forward is in Kenya, which is in the process of approving a new national constitution. The most recent draft includes, and the final version is expected to preserve, the human right to life beginning at conception. Its proponents have stated that this provision will not impact the availability of contraception. The progressive constitution also reforms the country's basic national structure, limiting the power of its president with the goal of strengthening democracy. Hopefully, Kenya's new constitution will inspire her neighbors to resist pressure from Western pro-abortion groups and embrace self-government.

Our step backward is in Spain. In spite of huge popular opposition, a new law will allow abortion on demand up
to 14 weeks (left). It will also allow teens to get an abortion without parental consent. The political party currently out of power in Spain has vowed to restore fetal rights as soon as they get the opportunity.

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