Monday, March 15, 2010

Australian pro-life advocate assaulted

A candidate with the Save the Unborn party put up campaign posters featuring a 3D sonogram of an unborn child. A volunteer with the campaign recorded video of abortion advocates vandalizing and tearing down the posters. When they saw that they were being caught on film, they attacked the volunteer, who was treated in a hospital for a possible broken arm.
The best part? Opposing politician Jeanie Walker blames the victim:
Ms Walker says the party's posters are offensive and have been inflaming public emotions over abortion.
"Unfortunately it doesn't surprise me and that's why I've been calling for the posters to be taken down right from the first day they were put up," she said.

Thanks to Simon JM for bringing this to my attention. More commentary on pro-abortion violence can be found here, here, here, and here.


Michelle Zhang said...

Hey kids, if you are offended by something, it's ok to attack the person who offends you.

Remember that.

Nulono said...

Wow, I guess we should all remove the "inflammatory" first pages from our baby books.