Thursday, March 4, 2010

SBA List poll shows pro-life majority in vulnerable districts

We have long known that most Americans reject federal funding of abortion. A study released by the Susan B. Anthony List today shows that this opposition is strong in the Congressional districts where it matters most. The SBA List conducted a survey in eight districts; the votes of these representatives could decide the future of health care reform. The desires of their constitutents are clear:
In each district, voters were more apt to reject, rather than embrace, a candidate who “votes for healthcare legislation that includes federal government funding of abortion.” In fact, majorities of voters in seven of the eight districts said they would be less likely to support a candidate knowing he or she cast a vote for this type of legislation.

It's time for us to speak the language of politicians, letting them know that their re-elections are at stake. Kudos, SBA List!
Related note: This poll was conducted by the polling company/WomanTrend. is considering doing our own survey with them, and hope to raise the necessary funds by the end of the year. Please read our proposal, and if you like it, consider donating. (You can also donate on facebook.)

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