Saturday, April 3, 2010

40 Days for Life comes to a close

40 Days for Life is a recurring pro-life campaign that takes place in front of abortion facilities all around the country. Although 40 Days for Life is a strongly religious event, with a focus on "prayer and fasting," you may recall that they sent an email affirming the value of a secular approach and welcoming non-Christians to participate.
The most recent campaign has ended, with fantastic news: they know of 532 babies who were saved from abortion. Whether you credit it to God or to the increased availablility of sidewalk counselors, that is amazing.
Let's learn a little more about these kids. Statistically speaking...
~272 (51.2%) are boys, and 260 are girls.
~At least 266 (50%) are non-white.
~About 8 (1.5%) will eventually self-identify as homosexual. "May be fetus you save be gay," indeed!
~452 (85%) will graduate high school.
~4 or 5 (.9%) will have autism.
~Their average life expectancy is 78 years from birth.
If this has inspired you to try sidewalk counseling, check out our secular, factually accurate handout.

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