Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Guess who doesn't like Abortion Recovery Month?

The governors of Minnesota and Texas have declared April to be the official month for abortion recovery and awareness. Naturally, this drew the ire of self-proclaimed "pro-woman" abortion groups. Rather than once again attacking the existence of post-abortion regret--perhaps out of fear that post-abortive women would come out of the woodwork to refute them--Planned Parenthood of Minnesota has instead dismissed the proclamation as "pandering to anti-choice organizations." strongly supports abortion recovery and applauds the campaign to increase awareness in the month of April. To that end, I encourage you to read this excellent article from Silent No More, which includes an extensive resource list. Although Silent No More is a religious effort, their first priority is to give post-abortive women of all faith backgrounds the opportunity to experience healing:
Spiritual beliefs are personal and are often tied-in with how we look at abortion in general and our own experience with abortion in particular. It is not uncommon to feel that we are unacceptable to God if we have had an abortion, or to feel that abortion is "the unforgivable sin". That pain is hard to bear. It is one reason that many, but not all, post-abortion groups have a spiritual basis. I indicate information about that with each listing.

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