Thursday, April 15, 2010

It's April 15, and you know what that means

SuzyB has an interesting post today: Babies Pay on Tax Day. It highlights the various ways that our tax dollars fund abortion, including the reversal of the Mexico City Policy (international abortion) and Dornan Amendment (abortions in Washington, D.C.). I predict that this will cause some pro-lifers to think "I should not pay my taxes." Obviously the Susan B. Anthony List did not say that, because they aren't stupid. Their suggestion to offset the impact of taxpayer-funded abortion with a donation to a pro-life group is far more sensible, not to mention legal. After all, whoever you are, it's inevitable that your tax dollars will fund something you think is evil, whether your opposition is to abortion, war, Don't Ask Don't Tell, environmental policy, the death penalty, or just plain wasteful spending.

Now's as good a time as any to make a couple of unrelated announcements:
1) Catholic pro-life blog La Familia de Guadalupe is giving away books about pro-life feminism. Go write a comment to enter.
2) I have obtained Nat Hentoff's mailing address and plan to write him about the work that is doing. Is there anything you'd like him to know?


Simon said...

Will Nat do talks or interviews?

Nulono said...

“Abortion is the only medically necessary health service excluded from Medicaid coverage. Failure to provide that service — a service that only women need -– is discrimination."

Did the really say that?

1: Abortion funding is EXPLICITLY ALLOWED when medically necessary.
2: Nobody says it's fine for men to get abortions.