Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Brodie Donegan and Nick Ball's crusade

New South Wales authorities plan to revisit NSW laws, which currently provide no protection for unborn victims of crime, in light of the death of 32-week-old Zoe Ball. Zoe's mother, Brodie Donegan, was taking a walk on Christmas Day of last year when she was struck by a car; the driver was allegedly under the influence of drugs. Brodie suffered severe injuries, but thankfully survived. Zoe, sadly, was stillborn. Under current law, the driver cannot be charged with Zoe's death. Together with Zoe's father Nick Ball, Brodie is lobbying to have their daughter's life and death recognized by the government.
[Donegan and Ball] have spoken out against the law – which effectively says their baby never existed - in the hope of getting it changed.

“It’s ridiculous. It’s rude. It’s not acknowledging her life,” Ms Donegan says.

“It’s not acknowledging she was part of our family.”
Our thoughts are with Brodie and Nick as they go up against supposed "women's rights advocates" to get justice for their little girl.
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