Friday, May 28, 2010

Pro-Life Musicians

Recently, someone had discussed the idea of not only religious musicians performing in support of pro-life values - but secular artists as well. As such, I did a little research and here's a list and some reference links about some more secular, pro-life artists:
Delores O'Riordan - lead singer of The Cranberries
As I Lay Dying
August Burns Red
Type O Negative - Lead singer passed away last month, but was a strong opponent of abortion
Ben Folds - of Ben Folds Five fame

Here's my list of references for your reviewing pleasure:
Reference 1 - "American Life League"
Reference 2 - Insta-blogs, Peter Steel bio / obit
Reference 3 - "Ben Folds is a huge pro-lifer" by Byron Crawford

Do you know of any other musicians who are pro-life who may fall more on the secular side of the aisle? Comments more than welcome, they're encouraged!

5 comments: said...

I spoke to Bryan Kemper about it; as the founder of Rock for Life, he would know! He says that some of the bands you've listed have Christian members, even though their lyrics are secular. I don't have any problem calling such groups bands "secular"-- most Americans are Christian, after all. To the list, he would also add Gary Cherone of Extreme, and advises us to "check out the songs Silent Scream by Slayer and Two Minutes to Midnight by Iron Maiden."

What started the whole conversation is that the 2011 Life Prizes committee wants imput on what entertainment to hire. The odds they'll pick Slayer are pretty slim. We need to pick a secular, popular, non-threatening group to rally around. said...

I nominate the Cranberries, because I love Zombie. And according to Wikipedia, they're still touring.

Nulono said...

This is only tangentially related, but I want to make a band called "Umbilical Cordless".

Michelle Zhang said...

I don't know if she is pro-life or not but Vienna Teng has this really beautiful song called "Shasta" that has a sort of pro-life view.

J. said...

Hey this is all really awesome...but Switchfoot, POD, As I Lay Dying, Flyleaf and August Burns Red are all Christian bands. I know a lot of them have had songs on top 100 lists but they're catagorized as Christian and most of their songs have a Christian message.
Just pointing that out.