Saturday, June 12, 2010

Birmingham abortion center closes

Beacon Women's Center, which has been on probation since 2007, has closed:
Beacon Women's Center had a long history of health and safety deficiencies on record with the Alabama Department of Public Health that included shoddy record keeping, improper distribution of controlled substances without proper physician authorization, and failure of nurses to administer the correct medication.

Other problems included failure to determine if patients had drug allergies, failure to adhere to the state ultrasound laws that mandate women be offered to view of their ultrasound images, use of expired medication and supplies, an administrator assisting with abortion surgeries, and use of unsterilized medical equipment, including speculums and dilators.

Health inspectors also noted the abortion center engaged in false lab tests, was improperly conducting urinary pregnancy tests, and reading results before prescribed time had expired - staff scored 60% failure for proficiency for conducting pregnancy tests, and had a suction machine that was not removed per order of inspector.
The women and unborn children of Birmingham will be safer with the closing of this so-called clinic. There are now six abortion businesses remaining in Alabama. Operation Rescue continues to offer a $10,000 reward for information about illegal activities at abortion centers that leads to a conviction.

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