Monday, June 7, 2010

Gates Foundation announces $1.5 million for maternal health

The Gates Foundation, through Melinda Gates, has announced that the Foundation will spend $1.5 billion dollars promoting maternal health. It sounds great on paper, but the trouble is that their definition of "maternal health" may include legalized abortion-- which is actually associated with higher rates of maternal mortality. The Gates Foundation has acquired a reputation for pro-abortion advocacy, having given millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood.

With $1.5 billion dollars at play, maybe the Gates Foundation will stop emphasizing the "cheap solution" of abortion and instead focus on helping mothers and their babies live. Gates herself stated that "Every child is a promise." But actions speak louder than words, and I remain skeptical.

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Nulono said...

That QOTD drove me up the wall. You know what else is fiscally responsible? Letting parents kill their offspring at any age. A gun, a bullet, a shovel, and a kindergartener-sized patch of dirt cost less then a dozen more years of welfare.

Liberals are supposed to be the ones that put human rights BEFORE money.