Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gloria Steinem on the Colbert Report

I've long said that if American women's organizations are going to avoid obsolescence, they need to actually represent women. And since a plurality of us are pro-life, that means cutting the pro-abortion rhetoric and focusing on issues of concern to all feminists, like equal pay. So far, there are no signs of that happening. But in last night's interview, I'm happy to report that the focus was on true feminist issues, not abortion. I don't know whether this is to Steinem's credit or whether it was a condition of her appearance, but either way, the interview is worth watching.
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The closest they come to discussing abortion is at 3:25.
Colbert: Doesn't that mean that the real enemy here is children?
Steinem: Well, some people have come to that conclusion, and the birth rate has plummeted...
Colbert's question immediately brought to mind this Feminists for Life poster, which asks if a baby's face is the face of the enemy. If the personal is the political, Steinem answered Colbert's question in the affirmative when she aborted her own child, a decision she is proud of.

I would have loved to hear Steinem's thoughts on Republican women candidates--Colbert mentioned three, two of them pro-life-- but he didn't let her get a word in edgewise.

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Nulono said...

When did she say she was proud of her abortion? That's an extreme thing to say.