Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Louisiana ultrasound bill passes state congress

Following in the footsteps of the state senate, the Louisiana house of representatives has just passed a bill requiring abortion businesses to give women the chance to see ultrasounds of their children. Although some abortion businesses do ultrasounds for medical reasons, they often hide the screen from the mother, reducing the chances that she will change her mind. Unlike a similar bill in Florida, which was recently vetoed by governor Charlie Crist, Louisiana's bill is expected to be signed into law.
"Science tells us when life begins," [Bioethics Defense Fund attorney Dorinda Bordlee] told "The real question is when love begins. Ultrasound before abortion legislation is highly effective because of the unexpected love women experience when seeing the beauty of their unborn children."

Louisiana Right to Life previously told it was excited about the bill.

"Over the past six months, we have been working with experts to craft this groundbreaking legislation empowering women to know the truth about abortion," the group said. "Not only will it require abortion facilities to perform ultrasounds before every abortion and show them to the woman (they can choose to look or not), but every woman will receive an ultrasound print out of their unborn child before their abortion. No other state has done this."
Another reason to smile: the bill was sponsored by a Democrat and passed unanimously. Great display of pro-life unity, Louisiana!