Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Our friends at All Our Lives need your votes for their entry at Conversations for a Better World.

Jill Stanek highlights this excellent Wall Street Journal editorial by William McGurn, which asks "When will our media reflect America on abortion?"

Some abortion advocates maintain the fiction that they are not really former fetuses, because their identity or essence emerged sometime after birth. member Christopher Robinson suggests that this fiction can be dismantled using the humble belly button, which serves as a reminder that we were once dependant on our mothers. Discuss.

Yesterday, pro-life congressman Chris Smith held a hearing on coerced abortion and China's one-child policy. Experts estimated that 35,000 forced abortions take place in China every day-- one every 2.4 seconds. The unborn victims are disproportionately female.


Nulono said...

That's astonishing, especially seeing as total abortions in America are 1 every 23 seconds.

Simon said...

Sorry the bellybutton has little to do with it and this will be used by Pro-Choicers in the know to indicate the many Pro-Lifer's are ignorant regarding the philosophy behind the this particular identity problem.

They will just say that body animal -which they say they never were- was dependent on the mothers body.