Saturday, June 19, 2010

More censorship of pro-lifers

Pro-abortion censorship is nothing new. It's much easier for them to try to silence us than to explain why, in the face of all scientific evidence to the contrary, unborn babies are "not human" or a "clump of cells." I'd like to bring two recent incidents to your attention.

First, Stand True: Christ-Centered Pro-Life was censored yesterday. You may remember Stand True from their conversation with us on the role that religion should play in the pro-life movement. We disagree on that, but they're great people. Stand True is making the rounds of Christian music festivals this summer, and the Ichthus festival decided that portions of their pro-life exhibit were "offensive":
While they were very polite and cordial to me, I was told again that the term silenced was offensive because women who have had abortions will then think they silenced their babies. I was told to stop playing our slide show that had pictures from the Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity and that I could not have anything with the silenced and duct tape on it. We have two shirts, stickers and buttons with the silenced on them that had to be taken down.
Happy ending, though: A couple of the bands heard what had happened and wore the offending shirts during their performances.

Second, Andy from New Zealand (who will be joining me at the NRLC conference- yay!) shares that pro-abortion students at the University of Auckland are trying to abort the campus pro-life organization by getting its official recognition revoked. Having run such a group in my undergrad days, I can testify that having recognition from the school makes a huge difference in the ways you can advertise, reserve rooms, get funding, run activities, etc. They are seeking to get the organization banned from campus on the ground that pro-lifers are a "hate group," which is of course utter crap.

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