Tuesday, June 15, 2010

NARAL's next line of attack against pregnancy centers

NARAL claims that pro-life pregnancy clinics are posing as abortion mills on and They provide an example ad from "Problem Pregnancy," which (shock and awe!) does not appear to exist. They want all their mindless pro-choice drones to complain until pregnancy center listings are taken down. Jill Stanek points out that there are abortion mills masquerading as "abortion alternatives" centers.

We can of course write our own letters to SuperPages and YellowPages, but on Stanek's blog post, I proposed we do something more impactful:
Superpages counts on its own users to recommend businesses for the Super Guarantee. We should get every mother, father, ob/gyn, volunteer, etc. to vote for their local PRC.
If enough people recommend a business, that business will become part of the SuperGuarantee program. Site users are more likely to choose a business with a Super Guarantee than one without- which means that women are more likely to hear the truth about abortion and get real help.

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Michelle Zhang said...

Women are smart and can make decisions from themselves and are not dumb, except when it comes to CPCs. CPCs just magically make women dumb.