Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Planned Parenthood's "Missing Millions"

Various pro-life news outlets have highlighted this recent Washington Times op-ed. From the title, I initially thought that it would be about the millions of people who are "missing" because they were killed by Planned Parenthood before birth. Actually, the "millions" refers to dollars-- it's about a major financial discrepancy between Planned Parenthood's records and a recently released Government Accounting Office report.

Now don't get me wrong. I do appreciate this kind of investigation. If Planned Parenthood is bilking taxpayers, that's something we should learn. But it's disappointing that these side issues are the only way that we can bring attention to Planned Parenthood in the mainstream media. You will never see a piece strictly about the missing millions of people. The only critical pieces on Planned Parenthood that make it beyond the pro-life blogosphere are investigations of statutory rape coverups, maternal injuries and deaths, and financial misconduct.

Why should we have to dance around the central issue: the fact that Planned Parenthood does more abortions than any other group in America? No doubt Planned Parenthood's sympathizers will protest that abortion is only 3% of what they do. That statement is misleading, but even if it were true, it's irrelevant. Would you support a charity that does good things 99.9% of the time but spends the other .1% of your donation on killing people?

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Nulono said...

"You will never see a piece strictly about the missing millions of people."

It's our job to fix this. We're all potential authors of letters to the editor.