Friday, June 25, 2010

Quick News Roundup 06/25/10

Domestic News: Planned Parenthood is bringing an abortion clinic to Omaha, Nebraska. Planned Parenthood had two clinics in the city, neither of them provided abortions. One of them will now and the other will merge in with the abortion clinic. The controversial new "abortion vending machines" in Iowa were recently asked to be probed by the state Attorney General's office and the Iowa Board of Medicine. The AG's office stated that this issue is best left in the hands of the Iowa Board of Medicine first before any criminal issues are discussed.

International News: In the United Kingdom, pro-life members of Parliament are trying to change the law to prohibit abortion after 20-22 weeks of pregnancy. The current cutoff is 24 weeks. Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron has historically supported this change. A poll was conducted in Mexico, Brazil, Nicaragua, and Chile on abortion. The results? Most support legalizing abortion, but only under certain circumstances. Based on the poll, "69 percent of the Brazilians surveyed opposed total legalization of abortion, as did 64.5 percent of the Chileans, 61.4 percent of the Mexicans and 81.4 percent of the Nicaraguans polled."

Discussion Topic: Are you at the National Right to Life Convention? If so, tell us about it here. I know that our fearless leader has been leaving her thoughts, but we'd love to hear more thoughts from the Convention floor.

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