Monday, July 19, 2010

Student activists deliver anti-Kagan petition

Students for Life of America, which for weeks has been gathering signatures in opposition to the confirmation of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court, will deliver the petition to Washington today. SFLA sent out this bulletin to supporters:
It has been announced that President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, U.S. Solicitor General Elena Kagan, will be voted on tomorrow in the Senate Judiciary Committee moving her confirmation process forward.

This afternoon, pro-life students with Students for Life of America will hand-deliver over 7,800 I Oppose Kagan petitions to Senators on Capitol Hill.

As you know, Students for Life of America teamed up with to create the I Oppose Kagan, an online petition opposing Kagan’s confirmation because of her radical support of abortion. While working for the Clinton Administration, Kagan was a strong advocate for partial birth abortion and cloning, going so far as to change scientific data to influence President Clinton to veto the Partial Birth Abortion Ban.

Friend, you know that America does not need another activist justice on the Supreme Court, but rather one who respects the Constitution and individual rights, including those of the preborn. Confirming Kagan could mean 30 more years of legalized abortion in the United States even though a majority of Americans are now pro-life.

Today, please join me in doing 2 things:

1) Tweet and Facebook post this message:

Students take to Capitol Hill to Deliver "I Oppose Kagan" petitions today! #tcot #prolife #abolishabortion #kagan

2) Send a quick "thank you" email to Rick Sadowski ( our Assistant Director at SFLA. Rick was up all night printing and sorting all of the petitions for today's drop. Right now, I know he is extremley tired and flooding his inbox with thousands of "thank you" notes would be very encouraging!
Former Surgeon General Everett Koop is also urging a no vote on Kagan. The most recent polling has 44% in favor of her confirmation to the Supreme Court.

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