Saturday, August 28, 2010

Option Ultrasound celebrates milestone

Option Ultrasound is a Focus on the Family initiative that funds ultrasound machines and sonographer training for pro-life pregnancy clinics. (This is not to be confused with Project Ultrasound, which appears to be secular.) While our members don't agree with Focus on the Family about everything, you have to admit that this program is pretty awesome. Thanks to Option Ultrasound, thousands of abortions have been prevented, and many low-income mothers now have improved access to prenatal care!

The project just donated its 500th ultrasound machine.
Focus on the Family launched its Option Ultrasound Program in 2004 with the goal of giving abortion-minded women greater access to ultrasound services -- technology [Kelly] Rosati says not only helps women make informed decisions, but also supports their health.

“Ultrasounds give women an opportunity to bond with her baby early on,” says Rosati. “This experience encourages her to seek early prenatal care that protects both her health and that of her preborn child.”

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Monte Harms said...

Do you know that for the amount of money they spent on the Tebow ad for the Super Bowl they could have purchased 70 ultrasound machines? Focus has publicized that one young mother decided to keep her baby because of the ad which is great. Who knows if there are any more, but can you imagine how many lives could have been saved with 70 more ultrasound machines. I always have liked Focus on the Family but in this instance they should have made better use of their money.