Wednesday, August 4, 2010

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Pro-life, Comprehensive Sex Ed Initiative Launched

Charlottesville, VA- A non-sectarian pro-life group has launched an online quiz game where teens can test of their knowledge of sex, pregnancy, contraception, relationships, sexually transmitted diseases, and related topics. It can be accessed at Its backers believe that the project will address a gap in sex education practices.

Polls show that many American pro-lifers are supportive of sex education that discusses more than abstinence--in theory. But in practice, comprehensive sex education curricula are usually produced by organizations with a pro-abortion agenda. Pro-lifers cannot get behind materials that encourage students to go to abortion clinics for their sexual health needs, that deny or ignore the facts of prenatal development, or that sugarcoat the risks of abortion., the group behind Grow Your Knowledge, set out to provide comprehensive sex education that did not present these problems.

"Prenatal development is strongly incorporated into Grow Your Knowledge," said Kelsey Hazzard, president of An undercover video by Live Action Films, which showed a Planned Parenthood counselor stating that an 8-week-old has no limbs, heart, or brain, inspired the project.

"When we saw that video, we knew that we had to reach teens with the truth about how babies develop, and we had to reach them before they ever stepped foot in a Planned Parenthood or other abortion center," Hazzard said.

Although conservative and religious groups often criticize comprehensive sex education as encouraging early sexual activity, the creators of Grow Your Knowledge say that their program is different.

"The Grow Your Knowledge quiz does not encourage abstinent teens to become sexually active. To the contrary, we affirm abstinence as the healthiest option for young people, and the questions reflect that," said Hazzard. "At the same time, we aim to reduce rates of STDs and unplanned pregnancy among those teens who do not abstain."

Kelsey Hazzard

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