Friday, August 6, 2010

Quick News Roundup 08/06/10

Domestic News: Pro-choice Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan was confirmed to the Supreme Court by the US Senate yesterday by a vote of 63 to 37. While it will not substantially change the left-right dynamic of the court, her views on abortion are considered extreme specifically her views on partial-birth abortion. Students for Life actively opposed Kagan's appointment and hand-delivered a petition to the US Senate with over 7,800 signatures showing strong opposition among the people. Earlier this week in Chicago, Northwestern University Student Joe Holland was arrested for praying outside of an abortion clinic. SecularProlife joined many other pro-life organizations in condemning his arrest. On Wednesday, all charges were dropped. Holland's attorney said, "We are pleased that the City of Chicago has dismissed these false and baseless charges against Joe Holland...[t]he First Amendment protects prayer on a public sidewalk in Chicago the same as in any other city in the country."

International News: In an odd twist, after liberalizing laws on abortion, an area in Spain has now banned bullfighting. By 2014, bullfighting will be illegal within the border of Catalonia. Pro-life activists find it ironic and disappointing that bulls will have greater protection than the unborn. In Brazil, popular soccer player Bruno Fernandes das Dores de Souza has been arrested for murdering an ex-girlfriend. Why did he do it? He had gotten her pregnant and she refused to get an abortion. According to Sports Untapped, "...she refused to [get an abortion] and this allegedly enraged Bruno. Samudio then suddenly disappeared in June as she was in the process of taking the case to court to try and prove Bruno was the father and to obtain child support from him."

Site Update: In case you missed it, SecularProLife has released their new sex education program entitled Grow Your Knowldge. It's a comprehensive, pro-life sex-education tool that provides useful information on fetal development along the way. Check it out and pass it along to others to spread the word.

Random Personal Comment: As some of you may be aware, in addition to blogging here, I blog about Maryland and conservative politics at Old Line Elephant. From my work there, I was recently asked to moderate a debate between Republican Congressional candidates in Maryland's 2nd Congressional Districct. For those of you in Maryland or specifically in MD-02, check out the debate. There are a number of goood, Republican candidates who are far better on pro-life issues than the incumbent.

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