Friday, August 13, 2010

Quick News Roundup: 08/13/10

Domestic News: In New Jersey, pro-life groups are hopeful that with Governor Christie at the helm and after 7 years of petitioning, the state will end its prohibition on having "Choose Life" license plates. For those interested, the National Right to Life PAC has released a number of their 2010 endorsements. Currently there are only a few endorsements for US Senate and House of Representatives - but worth reviewing. In 2008, LifeNews put together a pro-life voters guide, hopefully post-primaries they will put a new one together.

International News: Human Rights Watch recently released a study on the number of abortions performed in Argentina. The result? 40% of pregnancies end in abortion in Argentina. That's 20% above the intenational average, according to the UN, of 20%. In the United States, the number of pregnancies that end in abortion is 22%. In Brazil, their Congress is looking at a proposal to ban abortions on demand. On June 16, Brazil's Minister of Women's Affairs signed the "Brasilia Consensus" which supported allowing abortion on demand throughout Latin America. It calls on signing nations to review their laws regarding abortion and promote abortion on demand. The law proposed in the Brazilian Congress would not bind them to this proposal. Polling done in Canada by Angus Reid show that only 21% of Canadians fully understand what Canada's laws are regarding abortion. Canada's laws allow for unrestricted access to abortion at any time in the pregnancy.

Site Update: In case you missed it, Secular ProLife has a new video out. Check it out and spread the word.

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