Tuesday, August 10, 2010

San Francisco abortion centers lose Planned Parenthood affiliation

The big news in American pro-life circles today is that Planned Parenthood of the Golden Gate (PPGG) has been voted out of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA). The cited reason was "management problems." This of course leaves much room for speculation. Perhaps PPGG simply wasn't earning enough money. But Abby Johnson, who used to work at a Planned Parenthood, suspects something more. On her facebook page, she says "[Y]ou have got to REALLY mess up to lose your PPFA affiliation. No minor problems led to this action."

Like many abortion centers, PPGG has had some major problems, which documents well:
In September 2003, 18-year-old Holly Patterson died after receiving the abortion drug Mifeprex, also known as RU-486, from the Planned Parenthood chapter.

PPGG came under fire for telling patients to take one part of the drug vaginally instead of orally, as recommended by the FDA. That resulted in the deaths of four California women who developed deadly bacterial infections as a result.

In December 2005, PPGG was accused of hiding an 11-year-old's rape.

A testimonial posted on a California Planned Parenthood abortion business' website regarding an 11-year-old rape victim sparked a call for an investigation into the organization's handling of sexual abuse cases.
In the “Shared Stories” section of Planned Parenthood Golden Gate's website, a client's shared her story.

“I was raped at 11, by my 17 year old boyfriend. I chose not to tell my parents because I didn't think their involvement would help, that was the right choice for me. Planned Parenthood [sic] helped me deal with the aftermath of the rape allowing me to deal and cope as best as I could in my own way.”

In response, pro-life leaders have called for an investigation, as Planned Parenthood is required by law to report cases of child abuse. The abortion business eventually removed the post from their web site.

And in August 2005, an online cartoon video PPGG sponsored drew sharp criticism because it advocated violence against pro-life advocates.

The PPGG video features a cartoon superhero who travels the globe to promote abortion and oppose abstinence education.

She tells viewers that pro-life people often protest outside Planned Parenthood and claims they "can sometimes become unruly."

“But mostly, I just wish they would disappear," the character says.

Next, the "Superhero for Choice" shoots each protester with a gun that envelopes the pro-life person in a condom. The condoms explode and the protesters die.

The abortion activist cartoon character happily explains that, with the death of the protesters, people can now visit the abortion business "without intimidation or violence."

At the end of the video, during the rolling of the credits, a pro-life person is decapitated.
Despite these issues, PPGG was apparently a chapter in good standing until now. So, what could be worse in PPFA's mind than the death of a patient, the coverup of an 11-year-old's rape, and a cartoon promoting violence against pro-lifers? We shall see...

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