Sunday, August 15, 2010

Scatterbrained Sunday

We're putting together an online store to raise money. What items would you like to see?

Check out "What can we learn from the polls?" by member Nulono.

New York, the abortion capital of America, also has some of the nation's strictest laws protecting housecats. I'm a cat lover, but come on: priorities, anyone?


Michelle Zhang said...

I would definitely like to see buttons/pins. Also stickers. said...

Any particular slogan or image, Mishy?

Matthew Newman said...

I just like the idea of SecularProLife buttons / t-shirts with the logo and group name.

Slogans? Hmm: "Pro-Life for Any Reason" or "I'm a Pro-Life Atheist" for our atheist friends or "Life is Precious in Every Faith"