Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Women Aren't Just "Personally Pro-Life"

A variety of surveys show that women are much more likely to be pro-life than pro-abortion "women's groups" would have you believe. For instance, Gallup's most recent report states that men and women are about equally likely to call themselves pro-life.

As encouraging as these surveys are, one might legitimately worry about what "pro-life" means here. After all, we've all heard a politician begin a statement with "I'm personally pro-life, but..."

Fear not. A recent Rasmussen poll put the question differently, with excellent results:
The national survey finds nearly half, 48 percent, of Americans continue to believe abortions are too easy to obtain in the United States.

. . .

Women (53 percent) feel more strongly than men (42%) that abortions are too easy to get, which belies the notion abortion advocates promote that women support abortion more than men.

. . .

The Rasmussen poll also found 61 percent of voters say abortion is at least somewhat important as an issue in terms of how they will vote in November, with 33% who say it is very important.
By asking whether abortions are too easy or too difficult to obtain, Rasmussen has given us a more accurate picture of how people might vote, not just what people believe. And it's a very encouraging picture! The pro-life voters are there. It's now up to us to educate them and increase the number who say that abortion is a very important issue in the election. If we do that, we will be well on the way to making this the year of the pro-life woman.

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