Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Body parts, patient records illegally dumped reports on an upcoming press conference from the Michigan organization Citizens for a Pro-Life Society:
State Representative Rick Jones will present legislation introduced in the Michigan State legislature at the press conference. He is expected to talk about how his bill will “bring an end to illegal and unethical abortion clinic practices—particularly the grisly disposal of the remains of aborted babies in clinic trash.”

On Friday, the Michigan Attorney General, and the Eaton County and Saginaw County Sheriff Departments completed a seven month-long investigation of the Woman Care abortion clinics owned by Florida resident Richard Remund.

The investigation was prompted by the February 26, 2010 discovery of the bodies of 17 aborted babies in a trash dumpster.

. . .

The abortion businesses’ trash contained soiled and bloody suction canulas, bloody gloves, soiled and bloody gauze sacking used in first trimester abortions still holding uterine material, blood saturated surgical sheets and padding as well as empty medicine vials and used urine specimen cups—some marked with the first and last names of the female patients.

The bodies of the 17 unborn children killed by abortion and retrieved from the trash are currently in an infant coffin at the Borek-Jennings funeral home, Hamburg, Michigan. They will be buried in a publicized funeral ceremony within the next four weeks.
What blows my mind is that it's actually in the abortionists' interests to use medical waste disposal, because that prevents pro-life advocates from obtaining photographs, holding funerals, and generally showing the humanity of the abortion victims. The proposed legislation could backfire, if the abortion businesses actually followed it. Of course, the Citizens for a Pro-Life Society assume that the abortion businesses will not comply. And they have a good reason for that assumption; if this story sounds familiar, it's because infamous abortionist Alberto Hodari did the exact same thing more than two years ago. They never learn, do they?

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