Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity

Today is the Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity, in which pro-lifers take a vow of silence in memory of those whose voices were permanently silenced by abortion. The event is sponsored by Stand True: Christ-Centered Pro-Life but is open to people of all faiths. It's a popular way for high school and college students to express their support for prenatal rights. Although I unfortunately am not participating this year, I've done it before and found it to be a great experience. This year, it's gone international, with silent protests from Italy to Africa! Follow along with the Twitter hashtag #prolifeday and on Bryan Kemper's blog.

Other blurbs:
The Open Hearts, Open Minds (OHOM) conference on abortion at Princeton University took place over the weekend. All Our Lives was in attendance and has lots to say about the speakers' attitudes toward the unborn, pro-lifers, and women.

Democrats for Life of America and the Susan B. Anthony List are butting heads again. (Did they ever stop?) I stand by my comments from back in July.

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Nulono said...

I say we'd do better with a Pro-life Day of Vocal Solidarity.