Friday, November 19, 2010

Abortion hoax; NY PP offers illegal abortion

Since the blog posts have been rather irregular this week (my apologies), you get two stories today!

1) The "vote on whether I have a 20-week abortion or give birth" website, which was all over the place yesterday, has now been declared a hoax. (We called it.) Naturally, abortion advocates are reacting rationa-- wait, just kidding, they think the perpetrators of the hoax should be shot.

2) At a recent hearing on the proposed New York City ordinance that would unnecessarily require pro-life pregnancy centers and clinics to post signs about what they do and don't do, policymakers heard a horrifying testimony about a mother's experience at Planned Parenthood:
The address 44 Court Street in Brooklyn is home to EMC, Planned Parenthood, and Dr. Emily’s Abortion Clinic. Twenty-eight weeks pregnant and happily so, but a little “financially strapped,” the young lady went to 44 Court Street looking for an organization that had assisted a friend of hers a few years earlier. She couldn’t remember the name of the organization, just the address. What she wanted was a car seat, since you’re not allowed to leave the hospital without one. Looking at the directory in the lobby, she saw Planned Parenthood and assumed that it must be the organization she was looking for. But when she went inside and explained her situation, she was told that they could not help her get a car seat, but that since she was financially strapped, she could sign documents indicating that she was under psychological stress and get a medical waiver for a late-term abortion. (Abortion is legal only up to the 24th week of pregnancy, even in New York, except to preserve the life or health of the mother).

This young lady was shocked and distressed by Planned Parenthood’s outside-the-box solution to her need for a car seat. She did not want an abortion; she wanted her baby — and a hospital-required car seat. She eventually found her way to EMC and received the help she actually needed and wanted.
Somebody needs to go undercover at this Planned Parenthood facility and see what other scenarios supposedly warrant a late-term abortion for "health."


Nulono said...

Is it actually illegal? The "health" exception is pretty broad.

Yonmei said...

The young lady was fairly obviously lying. One, because it stretches belief that a woman on a low income wouldn't already know about the pre-natal services provided by Planned Parenthood. Two, because what she reported was an obvious lie: no Planned Parenthood staff would offer an abortion like that.

It's a common tactic with pro-lifers, claiming they "went undercover" at an "abortion clinic" and then bearing false witness against the people who work at Planned Parenthood. Truth is obviously of zero importance to pro-lifers, any more than human life and wellbeing is. said...

I do wish that she had a recording, which is why I suggested that someone else go in to verify. But based on the undercover investigations that HAVE been recorded, I have no reason to doubt that the incident happened.

(And if you think that all the Live Action films took place on a Hollywood sound stage somewhere, then you're way too delusional to debate.)

Yonmei said...

But based on the undercover investigations that HAVE been recorded, I have no reason to doubt that the incident happened.

You mean the other instances where pro-lifers went in with the intent of getting a Planned Parenthood employee to say something which could be excised and edited and made to sound incriminating? That's exactly why I assume this woman is lying: pro-lifers lie, because they have to. You have no substantive basis for wanting to attack healthcare providers and kill doctors, except the visceral hatred of women.