Thursday, November 18, 2010

Quick News Roundup: 11/18/10

Domestic News: In Louisiana, five abortion clinics have filed a joint lawsuit against the state based on recent changes in abortion law. Effective November 10th, abortion clinics will be required to perform ultrasounds on patients and provide copies of the image to their patients prior to performing an abortion. Following in the footsteps of major cities like Baltimore, the City Council of New York City is debating legislation which would require crisis pregnancies to post that they do not perform abortions. Both City Council Speaker Quinn and Mayor Bloomberg support the legislation. In North Dakota, the abortion doctor who has been performing abortions without a license appears to be going off scott free. Unlicensed doctor Lori Thorndike won't be prosecuted for her actions; it's a Class B felony in North Dakota to perform an abortion without a valid medical license.

International News: In Bangkok, Thailand, the bodies of 350 aborted babies were found in a temple. The bodies came from illegal abortions performed in Thailand. Lanjakorn Jantamanas was paid to collect the bodies from abortion clinics to bring them to the temple. Local authorities are investigating the matter further. Since the enactment of looser restrictions on abortions in Spain, pro-life groups have fought back in the public sector. This article from Daily News and Economic Report has more on the topic. In Melbourne, Australia, an abortion clinic was raided under suspicion that the anaesthetist may have infected numerous patients with Hepatitis C.

Discussion Topic: Now that the elections are over, what are your hopes for our newly elected officials regarding pro-life values? Are there any specific politicians you are particularly interested in or specific proposals they have mentioned regarding abortion / pro-life values?

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