Sunday, November 7, 2010

Scatterbrained Sunday: Your Picks for the Life Prizes

The Life Prizes are $100,000 awards given to six pro-life individuals or organizations. First awarded in 2008, they skipped a year for some reason, but will be awarded again in 2010. The 2008 winners were announced on November 18, 2008, so I expect that the names of the 2010 winners will be released shortly. Who do you think will receive this year's Life Prizes? Share your predictions in the comments section to secure bragging rights if you guess correctly. I'm also interested in hearing who you think should win, even if you don't think they'll get the prize this year.

The 2008 winners were the American Association of Pro-Life Ob/Gyns, Richard Doerflinger, Peggy Hartshorn, Jill Stanek, Lila Rose, and Kay Coles James.

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