Saturday, November 27, 2010

We gave a lecture where?! took a trip to Lynchburg, Virginia to share our message with the pro-life students of Liberty University! They were excellent hosts, and the audience appreciated hearing a perspective from outside the conservative Christian bubble.

Founder Kelsey Hazzard began the event with a discussion of changing demographics, pro-life strategy, youth activism, "religious extremists," and reaching out:

Heather, who guest blogs every other Monday, shared her personal testimony of facing an unplanned pregnancy, becoming pro-life, and getting involved in pro-life advocacy as an atheist:


Yonmei said...

This is Heather the nasty little bully who spends her Saturdays making women feel bad about themselves?

Oh dear.

Nulono said...

Who's namecalling again?

Yonmei said...

Nulono: Who's namecalling again?

Oh, sorry. This is Heather the baby killer.

(That's okay, right? Calling people "baby killers" is the language of peace and love according to you guys.)

Unknown said...

Great job, Kelsey and Heather. :)