Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Holiday Message from

I've struggled with how to approach this post. I don't put much stock in the "war on Christmas," but it does seem silly to pretend that people are merely celebrating "the holidays." In fact, I've noticed that many of our atheist members are preparing to celebrate Christmas with their families. (No suprise there, really: most American atheists are under 30 and converts from Christianity.) But if I were to wish you all a Merry Christmas, our opponents would inevitably seize on it as evidence that is secretly a religious operation. Nor would I wish to alienate those pro-lifers, however few in number, who do not observe Christmas, and for whom is expected to serve as a safe haven.

If it's this complicated for me, I can only imagine the predicament that pro-abortion groups face! After all, they spend a great deal of time labeling us "Christian fanatics" and distancing themselves as much as possible from that sort of thing-- but they're certainly not going to pass up a Christmas fundraising opportunity, either, despite the fact that abortion promotion is more than a bit incongruous with what is essentially the world's largest celebration of a birth. Perhaps that explains the bizarre holiday messages that Jill Stanek has documented over the last few days. (The "best" so far? The fetal models converted into "abornaments" as a Planned Parenthood fundraiser!)

My wish for you, whether you are celebrating Christmas, the end of final exams, or nothing in particular: May you be filled with joy, surrounded by family and friends. And may you take the time to remember those less fortunate. Your local pregnancy center would be very grateful for your donation of diapers, blankets, maternity clothes, and other supplies this time of year.

And to the abortion advocates who read this blog, well, I hope that the holiday spirit will have an impact. As it is, I think that this quote from the (pre-reform) Ebenezer Scrooge captures the pro-abortion way of thinking:"If they would rather die, they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population."


Anonymous said...

Very TRUE! Pro-Aborts are a bunch of Scrooges!

Anonymous said...

Oh and the Abornaments. I am a very open minded person and it takes a lot to tick me off, but this is very bad taste, even for me!

Nulono said...

Search YouTube for "an atheist Christmas".

The abornaments canonly hurt their "pro-choice not pro-abortion narrative.

"This baby hangs from a felt vagina by a pipe cleaner umbilical cord."

1. "Baby"? Not "product of conception" or "uterine contents" or"parasite"?
2. That's a vulva, not a vagina.