Monday, December 13, 2010

It's Never Too Late!

An article has been circulating about a mother in the Las Vegas area who chose to keep her baby-- even after the abortion process had begun!

A new mission has started by the brave sidewalk counselors of the Pro-life Action League to save babies from being aborted during the second trimester abortion process. During certain types of late-term abortion, an abortionist will insert laminaria (a Japanese seaweed used for dilating the cervix) to open up the cervix and prepare for the evacuation of a dead baby. The baby is then killed by lethal injection. What sidewalk counselors have found is that this type of abortion takes up to three days to complete, and in a short span of time, roughly 6-7 hours, the laminaria can be removed and the baby be saved!

However, they must be taken out quickly, before the cervix has dilated too much and the baby is born premature. Thankfully, the Pro-life Action League has used this to their advantage to save these babies from an untimely death. The article shares the story of Jamie Stout, a mother at 5 months gestation who decided to have an abortion. She changed her mind, deciding to give life to her child instead of death after sidewalk counselors had brought Jamie to have a sonogram done. She bravely had doctors remove the laminaria from her cervix. Luckily, no harm had come to the baby, and months later Jamie gave birth to beautiful baby girl she named Claire.

This is just one story of how sidewalk counselors are getting more savvy to show girls the truth about their babies. The Pro-life Action League, with the help of former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino, has even got Resurrection Hospital on board with training on abortion reversal for situations such as Jamie Stout's. Now a new protocol within the Pro-life Action League allows sidewalk counselors to alert the emergency room of Resurrection Hospital of an emergency abortion reversal. This is a huge success for the pro-life cause! Hopefully this will spread nationwide and most hospitals will have trained physicians in ERs everywhere to help with the abortion reversals. Thankfully, here in Roanoke, VA, second term abortions are not done and sidewalk counselors here don't have to worry about this procedure. But just across the state line into North Carolina, abortions take place up to 19 weeks! So for the sidewalk counselors in states that have late-term abortions, this story is a beacon of hope. Let us keep up reaching out to these girls and pushing for change in our nation, so that one day we will not have to worry about abortions at all!


M said...

Why did the 5-month pregnant woman want to get an abortion in the first place? said...

The article doesn't say. It does say that the baby was healthy, so it must not have been for fetal anomalies. And a mom who was aborting for reasons of her own health probably wouldn't be convinced to reverse it by a sonogram. So my best guess is that for whatever reason she didn't realize that she was pregnant until she was already several months along. It happens.

@Life for Everyone re: the title you chose for this blog post, obviously it IS too late for some babies. :( But it is never too late to be there for a post-abortive mom.