Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gone fishing

Apologies for missing posts the last few days. As I wrote on Wednesday, I've been traveling abroad, and my flight plans have gotten a bit convoluted. I'll be back in the United States soon, at which point the Pro-Life News of the Day will hopefully start living up to its name again!

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vitameme said...

Howdy. If you have the time to try it, I'd be curious to see if you could get SPL on Jumo. Jumo is a social networking site for non-profits, charities & NGOS. It's run by liberals (the founder was part of the Obama campaign) and has a bunch of pro-choice groups but no pro-life ones. They say that they "cannot accept organizations whose primary activity is influencing legislation or campaigning for political candidates"- so that'd ruule out NRTL & SBA, but (?) probably not SPL.