Saturday, January 15, 2011

On NARAL report card, high abortion rate gets you good marks

NARAL, one of America's most prominent abortion advocacy groups, has released its annual report card, ranking states on their adherence to NARAL's agenda. This grade is supposedly based on a state's friendliness toward "reproductive rights," a phrase often abused as a euphemism for abortion. I'll spare you a detailed statistical analysis (although if you have the skills and time to conduct one, feel free to share it in the comments section). Instead, I've simply compared the NARAL rankings to Guttmacher's 2008 state-by-state abortion data, and highlighted those states with rates above the national average of 19.6.

First the higher-ranking states (from NARAL's point of view):

And now the lower-ranking ones: The correlation isn't perfect, but it's plain to see that killing unborn babies at a higher than average rate virtually guarantees a state a position in the top 25. Even Florida, the only such state not in the top 25, received a passing grade with a D. And of the twelve highlighted states, eight received grades of A- or better. Working to make abortion rare? Apparently, that's extracurricular.

But they're not "pro-abortion," they're just pro-choice!


Nulono said...

I'm pretty sure this is a correlation versus causation thing. States with pro-choice laws get higher grades. Laxer laws also result in a higher abortion rate.

Devyn said...

I am pretty happy about this. The only state that NARAL hates more than mine is Louisiana. said...

Point well taken, Nulono. But pro-choice groups generally deny that laxer laws result in higher abortion rates, so there's really no way for NARAL to win this one.

Nulono said...

My state is also pretty low. :D