Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Why Planned Parenthood?

Planned Parenthood claims to be there for Medium to Low income women. I can't help but wondering why these women you have medicaid or regular health insurance wouldn't just go the their primary care physicians or OB/GYN's since most of them take medicaid and almost all insurances? Why Planned Parenthood? Why not your own doctor?

With your own doctor, you can share more since they know you. You can get all the help you would get at Planned Parenthood at a OB/GYN. So really what is Planned Parenthood's agenda for trying to get women away from GYN's and into their doors? All of us know Planned Parenthood first and foremost is an abortion business. All the money they make is from abortions, very little is from birth control or minor procedures. So is it possible if they can get women in their doors and away from private doctors, they increase their chances of doing more abortions? A normal gynecologist will perform a sonogram first thing if pregnancy is suspected and won't hide the screen from the woman. So really if a woman finds out from her regular doctor that she is pregnant: does she tend to keep the baby? Whereas a women who gets all her care from Planned Parenthood, goes in to see if she is pregnant. They test her do a sonogram but most likely will not offer to let her see the screen. What will the first thing they will offer her? Hmmmm.... what is it again Planned Parenthood makes most of their money from? Abortions!!! BINGO!

So I see how slick Planned Parenthood can be. Get more numbers of women=more abortions=MORE MONEY!

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