Monday, February 7, 2011

Abortion Rights vs. Sexual Assault

I recently read this statement from several people on Twitter, "Today, the greatest sexual assault on women is the assault on her right to choose."

I’ve seen the comparison over and over again between rape and taking away abortion rights but that comment really hit me. In fact I found it highly insulting and brought me back to a place I would have rather left alone.

It got me thinking, do people actually legitimately think this? Do people who have gone through the traumatizing effects of sexual abuse really honestly think that the taking away of abortion rights would be a worse experience than that?

Or maybe the people who are writing these slogans have never actually been a victim to sexual assault. Maybe they’ve never felt what it is like to have someone else physically take your body and use it for their own pleasure and their own power. Do they not realize how highly insulting it is to be told that I should feel more pain and anguish due to not being able to kill my preborn child than from a man placing his hands on me without my consent?

Sexual assault involves the woman’s body and hers alone. That is something she SHOULD have full control over and no one should ever have the right to take that from her.

Abortion is not just about her body. Abortion involves two bodies.

Pro-choice advocates, kindly never tell me that I should be more traumatized by me losing my “choice” to kill my own child than having my body be taken and used by a man against my will.


Jessica said...

I am loudly cheering over here! Spot on.

Cecilia said...

I've read trestamonies of women who've been raped and then aborted the children who were conceived in those rapes. They said that the abortion was like being raped all over again, only worse.
Think about it; in an abortion someone goes up your vagina, just like the rapist did, then they go farther than the rapist, past the cervix, and into the womb. Deeper into the body, to do violence and killing on a being who shares a blood supply with you through the umbilical cord. So whatever hormone and chemicals are in the blood of one will go to the blood of the other. On a practical level, this means that if the baby is experiencing a violent death, his/her body is producing massive doses of stress hormones, fear, sorrow, pain, trauma, etc. This gets into the mother's bloodstream via the umbilical cord, and when it's carried to the mother's brain by the bloodstream, she's going to get an imprint of what it feels like to be murdered, etched onto her brain. No wonder so many women have mental and emotional problems after an abortion. And no it isn't just women who were coo-coo before the abortion, as the abortion industry wants you to believe. It's women who were very well put together, until they had an abortion. Then they had problems.
Back to the rape issue: during an abortion, when the abortionist goes into the woman's vagina, the mother can have a traumatic flashback to the rape. It doesn't have to be a rape pregnancy that's being aborted for this to happen. She could have a traumatic flashback to a rape that happened decades ago. Clearly, if you have a history of being raped, or any sexual abuse that involved vaginal penetration, abortion is contraindicated for you.

Cecilia said...

This stuff about the worst sexual assault being against a woman's right to choose is total propaganda. You can bet they won't count an assault on her right to continue the pregnancy and give birth as a sexual assault (never mind that an unwanted abortion involves an unwanted intrusion up the vagina, and beyond). No, only stopping abortion is portrayed as oppressive to the max. The oppression of an abortion that someone is coerced, forced, and pressured into when they really don't want it, that is ignored, covered up, not spoken of, maybe denied, and done in secret as often as possible. Why aren't they decrying the rape involved in that?
When the word "choice" starts to include the choice to carry a pregnancy to term and give birth to a live baby, then I'll believe these pro-aborts and their propaganda is sincere, instead of further proof of their hypocracy.