Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Great Things in North Dakota!!!

A new bill has passed in the North Dakota House of Representatives earlier this month called The Defense of Human Life Act- HB 1450. This bill states that EVERY person in ANY stage of life is a person under the law and therefore is protected as an individual! WOW... isn't that what we've been fighting for all along, for people to open their eyes and see that we are ALL equal!! No matter what stage of life a person may be in, they are still a person that should be protected under the law of the land.

State Representative Dan Ruby called the bill "Common Sense", and stated that " Of course every human being is a person". Seems like the politicians in North Dakota are seeing that being pro-life is very much common sense! The bill will allow women to still use emergency contraception such as Plan B, and birth control of any method. And women who need medical abortions will still have access to them. Women who are seeking abortions and are caught will not be charged with a crime either. Frozen embryo's will also be protected under this bill.

The next phase for this to become an official law, the bill needs to pass the Senate but pro-life groups are hopeful it will! We will have to wait and hope this becomes set in stone. As for me, all I can say is " Go North Dakota!"

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Joe said...

If mothers who are caught trying to kill their unborn children are NOT charged with a crime (and presumably let go!!?), then I am afraid there will be nothing to stop them from attempting to kill again. This will NOT provide unborn children with legal or actual physical protection.

This attitude that mothers (and fathers also?) should be able to get away with killing or attempting to kill their unborn children is distressingly prevalent in the unborn human rights movement. I challenge it every time I encounter it. If we insist on having weak statutes like this, I am afraid that huge numbers of unborn children will lose their lives who otherwise could have been saved. Also, we will be able to do absolutely NOTHING about mothers who attempt to kill their unborn children by themselves, without the benefit of assistance from a criminal abortionist.

The fundamental problem with allowing mothers to get away with killing their children is that we will legally permit them to commit this crime and will therefore be very little different from our opponents in the abortionist movement.

We MUST push for statutes which provide our unborn children with FULL, not partial, legal and physical protection for their lives and rights. We ourselves enjoy such protection and our children deserve no less. It is NOT pro-life and unjust in the extreme for us to leave unborn children at risk from the violence of their mothers.