Tuesday, February 1, 2011

NJ Planned Parenthood aids undercover "sex trafficker"

In August 2009, pro-abortion blogger Amanda Marcotte wrote an article (or, more accurately, a string of ad hominems) entitled "Birthers and Anti-Choicers: One and the Same?" She concluded by saying that "the anti-choicers have moved on to concocting theories about how Planned Parenthood is part of a child sex ring that they’re covering up..."

At the time, this was inaccurate, and I told her so in the comments section:
Planned Parenthood as "part of a child sex ring" is a far different accusation than "PP is not complying with statutory rape reporting laws, and we have videotape."
To which she replied:
"Planned Parenthood is not complying with the law" is the sort of dog whistle cleaning up job I patiently explained right wingers do with conspiracy theories, to make them sound sane enough to get them on TV and confirm what the nutters suspect. You see Fox do a story about an anti-woman/anti-health care sting in Planned Parenthood, and the audience is supposed to know that this is PROOF that they're running a CHILD SEX RING.
Well, every now and then, life imitates the speculative ravings of a pro-abortion idealogue. Live Action's latest undercover operation shows a manager at Planned Parenthood of Central New Jersey coaching a "sex trafficker" on how to get abortions for his 14- and 15-year-old victims. (Fortunately, in this case, the pimp and prostitute are actually pro-life actors.)

Planned Parenthood is not running a child sex ring. But it is willing to play along and profit from child sex rings operated by others. That should be enough to horrify any true feminist. Live Action is not "anti-woman and anti-health care"; it's pretty clear who is.

I have hope for the nurse practitioner, who "likes to dig" and who the pseudo-feminist manager dismisses as a "f***ing c*nt." If she's reading this: please, reach out to us! Pro-lifers in your area can help you get out of this bloody business. You don't belong there.


Joe said...


So nice to meet you at the Students For Life Conference last weekend.

That was an awful piece by Amanda Marcotte that I just read. I counted 63 separate fallacies!

It is amazing that the abortionists actually think that we are compulsive liars, that we are irrational and that we don't care about unborn children, but only want to keep women down.

The truth is that all of those characteristics apply to them and them alone. said...

Good to meet you too, Joe!
And I'm impressed that you were able to keep count. I usually limit myself to no more than one or two Marcotte articles a month. They give me headaches.

Jessica said...

I commend you for reading them at all! I really can't, because my blood starts to boil.