Saturday, February 12, 2011

Things we missed

The Defense of Human Life Act has passed North Dakota's House of Representatives. The measure is written to ban abortion, but not contraception. There is only one abortion facility in North Dakota.

Pro-life Christians are disgusted with Pastor Chuck Smith. On his radio show, Smith advised a woman to abort her conjoined twins. (He later said that the mother's life was in danger, but the original broadcast doesn't back him up.)

Donald Trump has announced that he is pro-life. His earlier "pro-choice" statements were pretty moderate, so I can believe that he's turned around. Still, a little skepticism is healthy. Time will tell.


Nulono said...

I think you should look at the first link. You see how the date says Feb 18, when it's only February 11th? That's because it's talking about HB 1572, the Personhood of Children Act, which passed the ND House in February 2009.

The current, 2011, bill is HB 1450, the Defense of Human Life Act. said...

Wow. I am an absolute moron. Thanks for catching that.

Nulono said...

I have pretty high hopes for this, because the previous one was rejected by the senate because of the maternal life concern.

Nulono said...

Wow, this passed 68 to 25! The last one only passed 51 to 41.