Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Midweek News Roundup: 03/09/11

Domestic News: Pro-life legislators in Minnesota are hoping to establish a ban on abortions after 20 weeks. Why? Much like similar legislation passed in Nebraska, after 20 weeks scientists are more certain that the unborn child can feel pain. In 2009, 1.5% of all abortions in Minnesota were performed after 20 weeks. In Washington, a bill aimed at attacking crisis pregnancy centers has died in committee. The bill would have required crisis pregnancy centers to post signs saying that they did not provide abortions and were not providing medical care. A similar law in Baltimore, Maryland was deemed unconstitutional by the courts, but that law did not require the second disclaimer which, in many cases, is patently false. In Utah, a bill was just passed by the State House to allow doctors to refuse to do abortions on moral grounds and not to lose their jobs. Similar protections existed under the law already in Utah, but this legislation would definitely state that their jobs could not be taken from them for refusal.

International News: United Kingdom health official recommends letting babies born at 23 weeks or earlier to be left to die. She said that trying to save these children did more harm than good with marginal benefits.

Editorial: I wrote an editorial piece at Old Line Elephant specifically the aforementioned UK policy proposal regarding premature babies. Not 100% abortion related, but check it out.

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M said...

I was under the impression that evidence suggests fetal pain doesn't happen till the 3rd trimester.

Can you link me to the studies that say otherwise? (Just would be good to know. The fetal pain argument doesn't affect my pro-life stance either way.)