Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tomorrow: Secular Pro-Life at Carnegie Mellon

You're invited to join president Kelsey Hazzard for a presentation at Carnegie Mellon University, tomorrow, Friday March 18, at 4:30pm. Our gracious host is Life Matters, CMU's pro-life student organization. Learn more and RSVP on Facebook.

Tomorrow's presentation will be before a mixed pro-life and pro-choice audience, and the topic is "The Scientific Proof for the Pro-Life Cause." Of course, it's impossible to make all the secular arguments against abortion in an hour-long presentation, but it will serve as a helpful introduction to the big issues in medicine, law, philosophy, and human rights.

CMU is the second university to host a speaker. Last November's presentation at Liberty University focused on the changing demographics of the pro-life movement and how crucial it is to reach out to religious minorities.


Julie Wolk said...
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M said...

Good luck! I hope it goes great. Will there be any audio or video of the talk? said...

Yes, we're recording a video. It will be posted here sometime next week.