Monday, April 25, 2011

Carhart under investigation

Late-term abortionist Leroy Carhart is under investigation for some key omissions in his application for a medical license in Maryland:
Carhart does not mention on his application that he worked for late-term abortion practitioner George Tiller for more than a decade doing late-term abortions on pregnant women near and after viability for the unborn child. Newman says that omission and the lack of any information about the abortions Carhart has done in other states, helps to conceal the truth about the nature of Carhart’s late-term abortion business.

“Looking at his Maryland medical license application, there is no mention of abortion anywhere,” Newman says. “One is led to believe that Carhart is an emergency room physician and university professor. There is no indication on that application that he is the most notorious late-term abortionist in the nation.”

“When the most notorious abortionist in the world tries to cover up what he does for a living, you know he has something to hide,” he added.

Operation Rescue has submitted to the Maryland Board of Physicians documentation on Carhart’s involvement in the death of a mentally disabled Texas girl, Christin Gilbert, who was 19 year-old at the time of her death from the abortion Carhart did at the abortion center Tiller ran in Wichita, Kansas before he was killed.
It is not clear whether or not the Maryland Board of Physicians would have granted Carhart his license if this information were known to them from the beginning. In any event, they were perturbed enough by the omissions to open an investigation. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, Iowa Right to Life is concerned that Carhart may have plans to expand his business into Iowa. From a recent email:
We have been told by some that Mr. Carhart is not REALLY going to enter Iowa. It’s just a scare tactic we are using to pass a late-term abortion ban (House File 657.) Mr. Carhart’s website, suggests that these are not idle words. A visit to his website reveals this statement, “When abortion becomes the choice you have to make, we believe you deserve the very best.” Above that line there is a working tab marked “SW Iowa” and below that line, “South West Iowa – AVAILABLE SOON”.

Upon selection of the “SW Iowa” tab, the visitor is directed to a page that contains a link to “Abortion Fees.” For example, a surgical abortion at 4 weeks will cost $464 with a credit card; while an abortion at 24 weeks costs $3,090.

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