Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Midweek News Roundup: 04/06/11

Did someone order a midweek news roundup today? No? Well here's one anyway.

Domestic News: A bill in Montana which would have prevented federal / state money for the recent health care reform act's health care exchanges to be used for abortions was vetoed by Governor Brian Schweitzer (D). Schweitzer said that "...the measure violates Montana's constitutional guarantee of a right to privacy and access to reproductive health care." In Virginia, Governor Bob McDonnell (R) offered an amendment to the State Budget which would do the same thing as the aforementioned Montana law. The amendment is facing opposition by "abortion rights" supporters. A law in Florida requiring the viewing of an ultrasound prior to the performance of an abortion just made its way out of a State Senate committee. A similar measure was vetoed last year by former Governor Charlie Crist (I).

International News: With the upcoming parliamentary elections in Canada, Prime Minister Harper (C) has said that his Government, if they receive the majority, would not propose legislation to change the current laws on abortion. Now, this does not prevent individual MPs from proposing the law, but it does show that Harper does not seem willing to rock the boat on this issue just yet. Harper has been on the record as being pro-life in the past. In one of the oddest stories I've reported on here, in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro state Governor Sergio Cabral said the following when arguing in support of legalizing abortion:

“Who hasn’t had a mistress that needed an abortion?”
Word's can not begin to describe how wrong that statement is on so many different levels.

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