Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Midweek News Roundup: 04/27/11

Domestic News: The Indiana legislature passes a bill banning abortions after 20 weeks in addition to cutting all state funding to Planned Parenthood. Governor Mitch Daniels (R) is expected to sign the legislation. The Florida House has passed a slew of new legislation regarding abortion. Here's an excerpt from the Associated Press on the legislation:
The Senate also began floor action on two of six abortion-related measures passed by the House and is set to vote on them Thursday. One is a constitutional amendment and the other a bill that would ban public and insurance exchange funding of abortions.

Other bills would require women to undergo ultrasounds before getting abortions and make it more difficult for minors to get court waivers from Florida's existing parental notice requirement.

Another would give funds raised from the state's "Choose Life" license plate to a private organization that promotes the tags nationwide.

Finally, there's a comprehensive abortion regulation bill that would expand the category of prohibited abortions beyond the third trimester to include cases in which the fetus is deemed viable by a doctor. Other provisions would require doctors who provide abortions to undergo ethics training and require that abortion clinics be owned by doctors.
Kansas' legislature passed legislation requiring new safety measures for abortion clinics. In addition to regular inspections, one unannounced inspection will be performed per year. Governor Sam Brownback (R) is expected to sign it.

International News: During the Canadian election, Prime Minister Stephen Harper (C) said that he will not push the issue of abortion if they gain a larger majority. Individual members may still propose legislation, but the Harper administration will not propose legislation regarding abortion. The President of the Philippines had to recently clarify his stance on abortion stating clearly, "I am against abortion." He opposes it, but has pushed family planning legislation that pro-life groups have been strongly opposed to - he said that, "In the range of options and information provided to couples, natural family planning and modern methods shall be presented as equally available...The State must respect each individual’s right to follow his or her conscience and religious convictions on matters and issues pertaining to the unity of the family and the sacredness of human life from conception to natural death.” I'm not sure what this means specifically, any Filipino readers who have insight, feel free to fill in the gaps.

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