Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Numerous abortion centers close

There have been several abortion center closings over the last week!

Two facilities in Delaware, which were closed while under investigation by state authorities, are likely to remain closed. The investigations were prompted by the centers' relationship with Kermit Gosnell. The
centers went by the name "Atlantic Women's Medical Services."

In Las Vegas, abortionist Frank Silver has been evicted from his office space. It is unclear whether or not he plans to resume his lethal practice elsewhere.

In Northern California, a "feeder" Planned Parenthood facility, which issued abortion referrals rather than performing them on-site, has closed due to "decreased patient volume and increased costs."
“We have worked hard with our Trinity County Advisory Council and the Weaverville community to brainstorm solutions, expand marketing, get creative, and do anything and everything we could to maintain the current level of service,” [a Planned Parenthood] official said. “We have been part of the Trinity County community for over 25 years and know that patients like you need and value our services.”
Sounds like people of Weaverville, CA who want legitimate gynecological care have chosen to take their business elsewhere!

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