Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pro-Life Job Opportunities

The Center for Bioethical Reform says "Most of the people who are working to kill babies are full-time, paid professionals while most of the people working to save them are part-time, amateur volunteers." There's something to that. If you're a committed pro-life advocate who wants to do more, consider a full-time job in the movement! There is some sacrifice involved-- you certainly shouldn't expect to earn the $337,066 that Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards earns-- but it is possible to do full-time pro-life work and raise a family without living on the street. has an awesome pro-life jobs and internships page that is updated regularly. I would love to see these jobs filled by individuals who are dedicated to making abortion unthinkable for everyone, religious or not. Several organizations are hiring right now, but I'm going to highlight just one:

Students for Life of America, which has always been very supportive of, has an opening for Operations Coordinator. The position is for someone who has a four-year degree, is passionately pro-life, and has excellent organizational skills. It pays $30-40K plus health, dental, and other benefits. Learn more here.


Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Laura and I am currently unemployed. I have been looking for work over a period of months already and have been unsuccessful on finding a job. I am a christian and have done side walk ministry speaking with the women and men who have chosen to have abortions, I pray that someone in the groups of people that I have spoken to were open hearted enough to give their baby a chance at life. I have been praying continuously to God for an answer to what career path in my life I should take I felt as though I still had no answers. When I was 23 I found myself in the same position as those women at planned parenthood and someone prayed hard enough for me to walk away and I'd like to be one of those somebodies that can help save a life, my son is now 4 he is healthy, smart and most of all he is my precious gift from God. I pray that you have lots of success in the fight against Abortion.

Anonymous said...

Dear, Pro-Lifers
I'm currently in Amarillo, Tx and trying to form a company to defend life here called The Amarillo Pillow Company. We would sell Horse pillows and pillow cases/bed sheets/T-shirts/etc.
To help families pray their prayers to help stop this partial-birth abortion and let all infants born in America have the right to grow up to be Cowboys & Cowgirls. This type of abortion has gone to full term murder (4 1/2 to 9 months) is the definition. We will reap what we sow soon from, "The Law of Relativity" for every reaction there is an equal or opposite reaction. This law of Sir Isaac Newton is 100% accurate and when it's the opposite reaction like murder it will come back destroy us. The law of accelerated-acceleration is due to come back and make it a Dog eat Dog World. Postman , Mad Max, WaterWorld, 12 Monkeys Thing so if your interested in saving America come to Amarillo, Tx and meet me at "The Madam Queen", steam train at high noon 12:00 across from the N. parking lot of The Civic Center 7 days a week.